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Oligastra  001-1948White, Stainless steel with black leather strap

Oligastra  001-1948
White, Stainless steel with black leather strap

5 190 SEK | $550 | €490 | £430
Oligastra 002-1948White, Rose goldwith brown leather strap

Oligastra 002-1948
White, Rose gold
with brown leather strap

5 490 SEK | $580 | €520 | £455
Oligastra 003-1948Black, Stainless steel with black leather strap

Oligastra 003-1948
Black, Stainless steel with black leather strap

5 190 SEK | $550 | €490 | £430
Oligastra 004-1948Black, Rose goldwith black leather strap

Oligastra 004-1948
Black, Rose gold
with black leather strap

5 490 SEK | $580 | €520 | £455

The story of Lanthia

With a map containing the ten most beautiful beaches and a rental car the discovery of a peaceful environment began on the Italian island of Sardinia.

"It was a spontaneous trip and after a bit of driving and searching, the beach but most importantly the place was found in a small little local village in the region of Ogliastra."

It became home for the coming week. The clear blue ocean, the mountain tops, the tranquility and the Italian scenery surrounded the little village and it felt like home, but away at the same time.


With the memories from Sardinia the idea of creating a line of watches that mirrored the experience from Ogliastra was born and the first drawings were created.

The decision was to create a simple yet classic and exclusive watch and the final design became a combination of a timeless simplicity from the surroundings and environment together with a relaxed yet dressed style.

Inspired by memories

With a clean yet classic design the Ogliastra 16 are available in stainless steel, rose gold and with a black and white dial. We have put a lot of effort into the design to make it stand out as a casual and relaxed but at the same time a dressed and exclusive timepiece. The case has the classic 40 mm width to match all occasions and a thickness of 10 mm which also make it heavier so you will feel the watch on your wrist. The thin hands go hand in hand with the markers in order to bring emphasize to the whole design.

All Ogliastra 16 models has a case that are polished with the bezel in a brushed finish. It comes with an interchangeable genuine leather strap to make it even more personal.


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